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This crisis will pass.

American small business always comes back.

Get an SBA loan and get through the next 90 days.

Use the tools below on finance, marketing, virtual tools & management crisis.

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$350 Billion SBA Loan Program

Your Guide to the $2 Trillion COVID-19 Stimulus Package On March 25th, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a $2 trillion bill in aid of American workers and businesses. This massive relief package is meant to grant billions of dollars to struggling...

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Documents You’ll Need to Get a Business Loan

This blog will educate you about the documents that you will need to present to your lender.? Being prepared is the best way to ensure a successful loan proposal.? Getting a Loan Is A Path You Walk Banks will analyze your loan application based on: You and...

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SBA 504 Loans

Are They for You and How Do They Work If you’re looking for ways to finance the real estate or equipment your business needs, you should consider getting an SBA 504 Loan.? From the building next door that will make the perfect addition to your store to the...

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SBA Microloans

Veterans, Minorities, Women & Small Businesses If your business needs less than $50,000 of capital, has a good credit score, and a business plan, you should consider applying for an SBA Microloan.? The U.S. Small Business Administration has a separate...

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Non-SBA Loan Options for Small Businesses

Even though SBA loans offer billions of funds to small businesses across the U.S., they aren’t granted to everyone who applies. In case your application for an SBA loan has been rejected, or you are looking for other options, you should know the available...

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SBA Express Loans – 36 Hours to Yes

85% SBA Funding and Fast Turn Around Time Things to Know About SBA Express Loans What Is an SBA Express Loan? You can use an express loan to provide your business with much quicker financing than a typical SBA 7(a) loan, typically approved and funded...

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SBA 7(A) Loans

Who Are They for & How Can You Apply The U.S. Small Business Administration’s 7(a) Loan Program is designed to support small businesses across the country who need capital for short or long-term investments. Here is the essence of 7(a) loans, who they are...

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Use Discounts/Coupons

Earn New Business? and Build Customer Loyalty? Your business can survive this crisis without you making major compromises with your prices.? There are many ways to offer a better bargain without damaging your bottom line.? This is the time when you can use...

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Communicating to Customers in a Crisis

Any type of crisis will affect businesses by causing disruptions to their supply chains, production systems, workforce, and ability to service their clients.? Even though the world is going mad, any responsible company owner will strive to put in place an...

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Reviews of Top Virtual Assistants

Using a virtual assistant will help your company survive this crisis. It will allow you to focus on your primary duties while other equal professionals will handle all secondary tasks for you.? Studies show that businesses that collaborate with virtual...

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Virtual Storage Tools

You (and your team) can work from home Businesses all over the world have made the necessary switch to allow their employees to work from home in times of coronavirus.? If your business is one that is not used to this change, you are more than likely to be...

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Virtual Video Tools for Your Business

For now, it’s a virtual world for almost all of us, a world of social distancing and you’ll need to make the best of it. But you are going to survive this and thrive when things get back in gear. So hold on, keep your focus and keep talking to your...

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Transitioning From In-person to Virtual

If you are looking to transition from In-person services to virtual in this current COVID 19 environment, here are some strategies you will need to do so.? Advantages of Transitioning to Virtual Here are some benefits to moving your business to virtual...

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